From the various products we have done, some are as follows:

Hotel Management Software:-

          Online booking of hotels.
          Online fund transfer and payments.
          All the employee database and salary structure.
          All the information about the rooms' condition.
          Auto generate booking system.
          Auto full audit system.
          Automatic billing system.

Hospital Management Software:-

          Every Doctor and employee database.
          Salary calculation.
          Every patients' case history.
          Auto billing system with full audit.
          Track of every experiment done by the patient party.
          Auto full audit system.
          Commission for the patient bearers.

Library Management Software:-

          Full database of books.
          Online application forms.
          Full database members.
          Maintain accounts of every issued book/magazine.
          Auto penalty/fine calculation.
          Auto renewal of membership.
          Can know which book is in demand or which is in repairing.
          Searching of book is very easy,can search by name of book, name of author, publishing year, member to whom issued, publisher etc.

Transport & Travel Management System:-

          Online car or seat booking.
          List of all the vehicles with already booked seats.
          SMS sending to the customers.
          Auto printing of bills...
          Maintain the full audit, income , expense etc.

Stock Management System:-

          Customized software for the tracking of stock of any kind of goods.
          Like garments, papers, and everything.
          Useful for all types of business.

With all these, we have made many small tailor-made softwares for Doctors, Engineers, businessmen etc. And We embed Barcode System with all these softwares...

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