To Build a Virtual Universe, where Information Technology Comes close to Human intelligence. To take technology to a higher level where knowledge and Truth

          •Minimum risk. Maximum Assurance.
          •No set up fee.
          •No taxes or additional fees.
          •No termination fees.
          •Strong and Multiple domain expertise.
          •Highly experienced and productive staff.
          •Full time project manager at no cost.
          •We know how to turn our clients' goals into reality.
          •Our In-House developed Office Management, Project Management and communication tool for use at no cost.
          •Daily, weekly reporting structure.
          •Prompt communication over phone and Messengers (MSN, yahoo, Skype messenger).
          •Staff with above average English communication skills.
          •Highly professional management and human resource staff to retain and hire a good resource for our clients.
          •Good infrastructure to support the staff.
          •Commitment to client partnerships.

Contact Info

51, Chittaranjan Avenue,
West Bengal, India
Telephone: +9133 22360602
E-mail: info@rdstechsolutions.com